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More than any other single factor, our people are what make us different. The management team has more than 20 collective man-years of experience in the industry, and this translates into providing the most professional, effective and efficient services at all times. We believe in progress without sacrificing integrity, promise of service without compromise.

Our high completion rates and commitment to customer service make us the ideal choice for any organization requiring Collections / Recoveries. Take step one and partner with us; boost your business confidence.

Team ACC FIN comprise of rigorously trained professionals who commit to our stringent performance standards. Our Centralized approach enables us to deliver through agent training and testing. We conduct background checks to help ensure sensitive data remains secure. Confidentiality is a primary value. Security remains second to none.

Mission Statement

"ACC FIN is committed to continue, nurture and develop customer relationships in order to position itself as a leader in the credit and collection profession".

We aim to increase recovery rates to the satisfaction of our clients by,

  • 1. Reducing the number of write off accounts
  • 2. Speed-up Cash flow
  • 3. Improve collections
  • 4. Reduce cost
  • 5. Increase profit ratio

Besides these, our emphasis also lies in nurturing thehuman relations aspect of collections.

It is our mission at ACC FIN to see to it that our firm is successful in complementing the credit departments of all clients. As your collection agency, all parts of the recovery process are significant, from the collector who works on the past due bill accounts to resolving your recovery needs. We also want you to be an informed client and because of that, our reporting is second to none.

Our Clients